Cementarnica USJE supported the implementation of dual education


The need to introduce dual education as combination of practical skills, theoretical knowledge and key competencies,establishing balance between the offer and demand of expert, qualified and easily hirable staff was the aim of the organizing of the panel: Challenges for Improving Dual Education-Future Steps-organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Macedonia in cooperation with the European Business Association where Boris Hrisafov, the CED of Cementarnica USJE was present.

The lack of staff is felt by all companies. To this end, increased commitment of all stakeholders to introduce modern measures is needed if we want to gain quality in education -pointed out Boris Hrisafov, CED of Cementarnica USJE AD Skopje.

Participants of the panel were PhD Koco Angjusev, deputy president of the Government in charge of Economic Affairs, Mr. Stefan Peter chairperson of the Board of the Austrian energy company, Tobias Bole from the Delegation of the German Economy in North Macedonia and Mirjana Kovacevic, manager of the Education Center, dual education and educational policies of the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia.