About Titan Group

The TITAN Group is an independent multi-regional producer of cement and other related building materials. It was founded in Greece in 1902 and since then has a record of continuous growth. Today is a multinational business that has expended its production and distribution operations into 12 countries directly employing more than 6,300 people, with a consolidated turnover of almost €1,6 billion (2008).

TITAN covers the production of cement, concrete, aggregates, mortars and other building materials; transportation - distribution of products; processing and industrial utilization of fly ash.

TITAN’s business success and reputation are based on the application of best available technologies (BAT) for production procedures and distribution methods, on systematic research and constantly upgraded know-how, and on its high-quality human resources.

TITAN Group’s CSR and Sustainability commitment is demonstrated in its own policies and practices as well as through active participation in international initiatives.

You can find more about the Titan Group on  www.titan-cement.com

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