USJE Stakeholders Engagement Forum
"Responsibility - Partnership - Development"

Cementarnica USJE AD Skopje considers its CSR engagement as a proactive and on-going self-improvement, continuous learning process, adapting to an ever changing complex business and social environment. Essential to this endeavour is listening, engaging, communicating and building mutual trust with our stakeholders.

In this context, on December 01st, 2010, USJE organized a Stakeholders Engagement Forum "Responsibility - Partnership - Development" under the auspices of the UN Global Compact and on the Company’s two-year anniversary of joining the Global Compact.

The Forum, the first of its kind in the Country, was initiated by the spirit and long-standing practice of the TITAN Group, as well as USJE, to communicate with those parties that influence, or are influenced by its business activities – a practice closely linked to our commitment to implement the principles of CSR and to pursue the objective of transparency.

The objectives of this Forum were three-fold:

  • To inform stakeholders about TITAN’s & USJE’s CSR and sustainable development objectives, priorities and practices
  • To support further development of the Global Compact Network at national level
  • To branch out the values of CSR and Safety as one of its top priorities.

 At the Forum, USJE presented its very first Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability Report for 2009, including information and figures on the efforts, commitments and best practices in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility.

The discussion and exchange of views on the Forum and the two Thematic Sessions, highlighted challenges and issues of importance to all those attending. The conclusions drawn after the discussion both through the minutes of the Event, as well as through the direct feedback questionnaires that were collected from the attendees, will be used by USJE to focus its future projects and activities.

Communication, transparency and accountability

Today businesses go beyond making profit, recognizing themselves as corporate citizens with voluntary commitments and obligations towards all stakeholders, including their own employees, contractors, suppliers, community and the society at large. However, all participants agreed that this Forum was an excellent example of communication and transparency, being constructive, beneficial and useful for all attendees.

USJE has taken the lead engaging in a more constructive dialogue with its stakeholders and disseminate experience and good practice by introducing its first CSR Report and organizing the Forum. Stakeholders have expressed their expectations for strengthening communication and joint efforts between all business, public organizations, academics and the civil society. The U.N. Global Compact Initiative is an effort that needs to be embraced by all. Usje can promote further the adoption of Global Compact principles and relevant social and environmental practices through its participation in the local Global Compact Network and help other companies and organizations to learn from its experience and good practices.

Health and Safety

Safety in the workplace is the top USJE priority. Cultivating an accident prevention culture is directing the strategy and all activities undertaken to meet the goal of zero accident. Existing legal framework safeguarding safety at work is considered as the minimum standard that has to be fulfilled, while our mission and vision is to be among the best in the industry and continuously share our know how and experience, standards and practices with our contractors, suppliers and all interested parties.

Acknowledging the need to strengthen co-operation with both public and private organizations in this field we will focus more on branching out and adding value enhancing the application of high performance standards within the sphere of our influence while encouraging co-operation with specialized organizations and all relevant parties.  

Local Communities

A good relation with local communities is a continuous and challenging effort. Usje is focused on cultivating a spirit of cooperation with the local Municipality and neighboring communities, while fostering a constructive dialogue that will help both sides to better understand and respond to the concerns of each other. Initiatives that have already been undertaken in the form of partnerships demonstrate that there is ground for significant developments in this field.

This effort should and could be broadened and expanded particularly in respect to accident prevention, care for the environment and education which are considered as main priorities of the company’s social policy. More open events and thematic workshops that will help raise awareness and improve necessary skills and competencies are expected to be supported by the company as well as the deepening of partnerships with local schools, academic community and organizations.

Environment Protection

Usje in line with TITAN Group strategy is committed not only to measure its environmental footprint but also to reduce it by following high standards and Best Available Techniques. In this framework apart from investments directed to continuously improve performance and mitigate environmental impacts, Usje has launched new tools to facilitate access to information regarding its environmental performance. However, it is acknowledged that further care is needed to ensure more intense energy savings, as well as the use of efficient and effective systems for waste management, recycle and reuse of waste that will provide a wide range of possible solutions for the country in the next years.  Stakeholders have expressed their expectation to learn more in this field with the support of the company.


The 1st Stakeholder Engagement Forum is a pioneering effort in the country and Usje should continue this effort aiming at branching out and adding value through stakeholder engagement and branching out of experience and know how in all key stakeholders. CSR partnerships and initiatives should include other companies either suppliers, or customers and companies operating in the country so as these efforts become a driver for further developments. “Doing less harm” and “Doing more good” can lead to win – win solutions for the business and the society and this is well understood by stakeholders.

Following the analysis of consultation with stakeholders as recorded through the minutes of the Forum and the evaluation feedback forms, Usje’s CSR Committee has considered to:

  1. Take a more active and leading role in the local U.N. Global Compact Network and support the broader and better understanding of the context and the application of the ten universal principles in local environment.
  2. Engage with communities and key stakeholders for the development of new skills and improvement of competencies required to apply higher standards in Health and Safety at work.
  3. Continue the effort to partner with public schools, contractors and suppliers for accident prevention.
  4. Support and facilitate awareness building and “joint actions” for the implementation of projects that reduce environmental impacts