Six consecutive months without accident in USJE

Usje’s approach to reducing occupational hazards is a continuous joint effort of its management and its employees.
One of the Usje initiatives for motivating safety behavior of its employees is the introduction of an Award for the “period without accidence”. For achieving six months without an accident the Chief Executive Director of Cementarnica Usje, Antonios Nikolopoulos send a letter of congratulations to the employees.

27.03.2009, Skopje. It is with great satisfaction that I share with all of you the information that 6 consecutive months have passed without any Lost Time Injury at work in Cementarnica Usje. This event happens for the first time in the history of our Plant and it is a big first step towards fulfilling our Vision of working in a healthy and safe work environment free of incidents, injuries and accidents. 

In accordance with Titan’s tradition to recognize and reward such exemplary Health & Safety performance, on Friday the 27th of March 2009, all current employees will be eligible to receive a symbolic material reward in recognition of this first time achievement, in the shape of a 2,400 MKD individual voucher for shopping at a VERO super-market. I sincerely believe that with the commitment and hard work of all of us, as this Health & Safety excellent performance continues in the future, such rewards could become a regular practice for Cementarnica Usje A.D. - Skopje.

Although we should all be proud for this achievement, we should not forget that even the slightest hasty reaction, even the shortest lapse of our attention, even the smallest non-compliance of the given rules and procedures for safe working can cause an undesirable incident. Now is not the time to relax and forget that only six months ago we had a number of safety incidents that resulted in injuries of our co-workers and contractors. We should all understand that Safety must be everyone’s business and constant concern. Each of us carries individual responsibility when we see an unsafe act involving an employee of Cementarnica Usje, an employee of a Contractor, a visitor or a client and not take according actions.

It is everyone’s duty and within everyone’s responsibilities to continue this successful trend and make the entire 2009 a zero accidents year…!