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CEM II/B-M (V-L) 42,5 N

General: CEM II/B-M (V-L) 42,5 N is Portland cement with addition of pozzolana, but with higher content compared to CEM II/A-V 42,5 R. Minimal content of clinker is 65%, while the rest 35% are fly ash (V), natural pozzolana (P), natural gypsum (for setting time control) and up to 5% of other minor additional constituents. Higher content of mineral additions improves workability and durability of concretes exposed to chemical attack. Heat of hydration drops further, while the strength characteristics are very close to CEM II/A-V 42,5 R. Note that this cement is “N” class, meaning that strength development in the early stage (on 2 days) is slower compared to “R” class cements.

Application: Since the final strengths are close to those of CEM II/A-V 42.5 R, it can be used for similar application. It has advantages over CEM II/A-V 42.5 R for foundations and concrete elements in aggressive soil or environment. Due to lower heat of hydration released, it is recommended to avoid this cement in winter time (ambient temperature below 0oC) especially not for thin elements. Standard usage is for concretes with strength class up to C 35/45.

Results from our CEM II/B-M (V-L) 42,5 (according MKC EN 197-1, average results for 2012)



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