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CEM I 42,5 R

General: CEM I 42,5 R is a clean Portland cement with addition of natural gypsum (for setting time control) and up to 5% of other minor additional constituents .It has very high early and definite compressive strengths, but also high heat of hydration.

Application: Due to the high strength characteristics CEM I 42,5 R it is recommended for high performance concretes (strength classes above C 40/50, pre-stressed concrete elements), but limited with the mass (i.e. smaller elements sections) to avoid cracking due to the released heat. The high early strength of this cement leads to another wide application when early removal of the molds, formworks or supports is required. Such requirements are specific for concrete elements, paving and urban equipment, as well as for steam-cured construction elements. High heat of hydration is advantage in winter conditions – it prevents concrete from freezing. The stable and light color of this cement makes it ideal for painted concretes.


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