Who is Usje?

Cementarnica USJE AD defines its values as integrity, continuous improvement, commit to and deliver results, values to the customers, know-how and corporate social responsibility. This is our commitment to our stakeholders, to the community and to our people, and the Company is completely dedicated to them.

USJE has embedded Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability principles into our operations, which do not only represent an ethical responsibility, but also our business practice.  
Cementarnica USJE AD employees are the foundation or the key chain link of our operations. We believe that employee satisfaction is crucial to the productiveness and the overall process quality. The Company puts effort to make their work pleasant and to provide them with all amenities. As part of the TITAN Group, Cemetarnica USJE AD has ratified the Global Agreement of the United Nations, which among other things propagates the principles of respecting human rights and the high standards of respecting the labor and eliminating the discrimination at work in any form.