Cement production is a diverse process that includes a lot of parameters. Our unique asset for the whole process is our people. Their dedication to this process makes our cement products of high quality. Our employees are the foundations of our Company.

Taking care about our employees and their families is a high priority.
We continuously invest in the development our employees through various training programs. The main goals are the care of employee’s health, and their education for safety at work. For our female employees, we also provide free health care at a doctor's office of their own choice.

Safety at work is one of the fundamental educational programs in USJE. They involve a weekly interactive approach where the employees and the lecturers discuss together the major issues at work and how to eliminate them. Each year we evaluate the achieved results from these educational programs. We concluded that there is progress in each field, and the employees are satisfied that their suggestions and remarks are being taken seriously and are being implemented. With this approach we improve our production process and our working constantly. 

Investments in education always pay back and the desire to learn something new is the noblest thing. This is exactly why Cementarnica USJE AD sponsors in the education of our employees' children, which motivates them additionally not to spare their efforts when investing in their own knowledge.

Through constant investments in our people and technology, we ensure working in a safe environment according to the latest technology.