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Ready Mix Concrete

Ready-Mix Concrete (RMC) is a multi-purpose product that brings Cementarnica Usje AD closer to our customers and enables us to fulfill their demand for more integrated building solutions.

Main pillars of our determination to customer satisfaction are:  
            Customized products
            Comprehensive services

Customized products

The production range of our RMC plant comprises of all types of concrete in the range of 10 to 45 MPa, while upon request of the customers, special types of concrete are also produced.

We tailor our RMC to fit our clients' specific needs. By changing the proportion of constituent materials, we can achieve the required concrete characteristics when it hardens as well as when fresh. Use of various chemical admixtures highly improves the required specifics of the concrete during the transport, casting and as hardened concrete. 

Comprehensive services

RMC is an integral channel for our cement and aggregates. So we have designed and deployed advanced customer-service initiatives to reinforce this important part of the value chain. Our comprehensive ready-mix platform encompasses all of the elements of the ready-mix business —from raw-material consumption to concrete production and delivery. 

How we make Concrete

Concrete is produced by mixing cement with fine aggregate (sand), coarse aggregate (gravel or crushed stone) and water. Small amounts of chemicals, called admixtures, are sometimes added to the concrete mix to control setting time and plasticity, or some other characteristics. Typically, a concrete mix is by mass about 10% to 15% cement, 65-75% aggregates and 15-20% water. Optimal capacity of our concrete mixer is 50m3/h.              

The cement, aggregates and water are dosed into a mixer according to previously tested and approved recipe. The aggregates are dosed through weight-feeder and transported through belt conveyor into the mixer where water, admixtures and cement are added. The time of mixing is about 30 sec. The RMC is then released directly into the truck-mixer through a cone-shaped slider. 

Concrete Quality

Prime quality of the concrete is achievable only by permanent monitoring and appropriate adjustments in the recipes. Our concrete laboratory regularly controls the quality of raw materials and produced concrete. They are in permanent contact with production unit, giving them instructions for daily adjustments of the recipes.

In addition to the regular check, USJE laboratory has a development role by making new mix designs for various purposes. Work of our RMC plant is regularly checked and controlled by an external authorized institute.


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