Quarry Rehabilitation

Cementarnica USJE AD operations are heavily dependent on the use of natural resources. Comprehensive environmental impact assessments and rehabilitation plans cover all aspects of development, operation as well as decommissioning of quarries.

Traditional methods such as reforestation, and modern methods such as hydro-seeding, are employed for quarry rehabilitation. Special measures, furthermore, are taken to protect biodiversity.

“Green Belt”

Cementarnica USJE AD makes its best efforts to abate all kinds of impacts on the environment. In line with these efforts is the development of Studies for Rehabilitation of Quarries owned by the Company (Produced by the Faculty of Forestry – Skopje) as well as a Plan for Green Belt along the Plant’s perimeter thus reducing the visual and sound impact on the immediate environment and adding new value to the exploited areas.

To ensure quality implementation of these plans, part of the Cementarnica USJE AD Plant area has been transformed into a nursery producing planting material necessary for realization of the targets set in the Studies. The results of the 5-year efforts for realization of these plans are already evident in the large number of seedlings planted along the Plant’s perimeter and the quarries.

Total number of trees planted in the last five year is about 80.000 trees and about 20.000 other plants, flowers, bushes and decorative trees. For the next five years, it is planned to develop a Green Belt around plant perimeter with more than 500.000 trees.

Such results are an incentive for Usje to pursue with setting higher targets and to develop in the scope of our operations a green zone for our pride and to the benefit of the community.