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CEM II/A-V 42,5 R

General: CEM II/A-V 42.5 R is a Portland cement with addition of pozzolana (siliceous fly ash ,V). It consists of 80%-94% clinker, 6%-20% high quality fly ash, natural gypsum (for setting time control) and up to 5% of other minor additions. The high participation of clinker assures high strengths of concrete, good workability and durability.

Application: This cement is widely used for majority of standard structures of any kind (infrastructure, residential, industry, etc.), both for reinforced or massive concrete. Ready-mix-concrete plants are the biggest consumers of this cement for concrete strength class up to C 40/50. The balanced properties (strength, setting time, heat of hydration), makes it appropriate for any weather conditions, and classes of exposure.



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