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MC 5 "Usjemal"

General: “Usjemal” is our brand name for the masonry cement MC-5, strength class 5 in line with the standard MKC EN 413-1. It is a hydraulic bonding material with high rate of plasticity and durability. Content of clinker is minimum 25%, while the rest main constituents are lime stone, sand, 1% natural gypsum (for setting time control) and chemical admixture (air entering agents). This mix of constituent materials provides good workability, simple application, color close to cement and good thermal insulation properties.

Application: “Usjemal” is used for preparation of masonry mortar applicable for brick and block laying, as well as for walls plastering. The micro-air spores provide good workability, increased frost resistance (they act as elastic buffers against ice) while the selected blend of materials provides excellent adhesion with ceramic /cement blocks or natural stone. Main attributes of our “Usjemal” are: Plasticity, workability, adhesion (sticky), mechanical and frost resistance.

Production of “Usjemal” is under constant and strict control in order to provide consistency in mechanical properties and color.



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